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Novelty! The mobile catering station SMARTCAP

Novelty! The mobile catering station SMARTCAP

The mobile catering station SMARTCAP is a device that gives the chef uncompromising freedom and allows them to prepare dishes regardless of location. A multi-level balanced filter system which the device is equipped with allows to purify the air from grease and odors arising during the preparation of meals even in 99.7%.

SMARTCAP is available in two versions: hardtop and softtop. You can choose a version with a glazed stainless steel overshelf on the client's side (hardtop), where an additional stainless labyrinth filter is mounted, or a version with a glass overshelf (softtop), which enables a full view of the chef's work and the dishes prepared by them at any angle.

The device is distinguished primarily by its patented air filtration technology. A balanced system of seven filters cleans the air in 99.7%.

Thanks to its relatively small dimensions and mobility, the device can be successfully used for live cooking in restaurant rooms, as well as at small catering stations, without a fear of fumes and unpleasant odors.

SMARTCAP has a modular structure with many accessories useful at a chef's work, and its configuration depends on individual customer needs.

The station is available in 3 dimensional variants - for 2, 3 or 4 pieces of catering equipment, which can be selected according to the chef's own needs, and even varied depending on the dishes being served. It is possible to connect any devices with dimensions of max. 400 x 650 mm for 230V or 400V power supply. It gives the chef an opportunity to install, among others such devices as an electric hob, ceramic hob, fryer, grill plate, or water bain marie.

The station can also be equipped with additional elements facilitating work such as: a cooling table, a module with a plate dispenser, a foldable rail, an additional foldable top or a module with a water tank, boiler, tilting waste container and a paper towel dispenser.

The device is equipped with an innovative patented air purification technology that is not available from other manufacturers. SMARTCAP also has the Fraunhofer Society's Certificate for Supporting Applied Research.

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 Date: 2018-10-17
 Category: News