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The EuroGastro Fair ended up with a success!

The EuroGastro Fair ended up with a success!

EuroGastro is the largest trade fair event in the hotel, restaurant and catering industry in Poland. Everyone interested in the latest trends in catering arrives at the Fair and Congress Center in Warsaw to get acquainted with the offer of exhibitors. During the trade fairs from March 21 to 23, exhibitors from all around the world presented their products. Among them, Komat could not be missing.

During the fair, in addition to standard products, Komat showed some new ones - the FRESH and SMARTCAP buffet, which aroused considerable interest. The stand was constantly busy. The attention of the visitors of the fair was surely attracted by the live cooking show on the SMARTCAP device performed by excellent Marek Widomski. A good atmosphere was also ensured by Krzysztof Drabik, who is well-known from the "I've got a talent" show, who served cocktails prepared in an effective way. What's more, during the evening banquet for business partners of Komat, he presented a fantastic bartending show. 

The 22nd EuroGastro trade fair turned out to be extremely fruitful also thanks to awarding the FRESH buffet line with the main prize in the Contest for the Best Product "Top Quality EuroGastro 2018" in the category EQUIPMENT FOR RESTAURANTS, BARS, CAFES, CONFECTIONERIES, ICE CREAM PARLORS.

 Date: 2018-03-27
 Category: Events