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NEW!- masterBAR

NEW!- masterBAR

We are pleased to present you a brand new underbar system - masterBAR.

masterBAR is a modern and functional underbar system. The highest quality and aesthetics of the smallest details provide an attractive appearance and reliable operation of the bar even during intensive long-term use. As the only company on the Polish market - we standardized the drawers and fronts of all the units in the system. The thickness of the door, hinges and shaped handles are identical in all units, which at the combination of neutral components and other products gives the feeling of cohesion and a sense of exceptional harmony. The modern design of masterBAR fronts and the attractive way of highlighting the glass doors and drawers with LED light will satisfy even the fussiest aesthetes. The functionality of our underbar system is provided by a number of design solutions specifically designed for your convenience based on our years of experience in the industry. With masterBAR it is possible to adjust the amount of shelves and drawers for different size containers and bottles, and the use of adjustable stops makes bottles remain in place even during rapid opening and closing of the door. In addition, the drawers and shelves (including the bottom shelf) are mounted on durable guides of full extension, which provides easy access to the products, comfort and durability. Both doors and drawers have a closer, which significantly facilitates the work of the bartender, and automatically closed doors give a guarantee that they will always be carefully closed which is particularly important for the refrigeration and freezing because it prevents uncontrolled heat losses. Bearing in mind the comfort of our customers and cherishing their time, we designed the service of our refrigerating and freezing products in masterBAR system to be very easy and fast. Thanks to the use of "easy service" units you have quick access to the condenser, as the bottom panel is a separate, easy to dismantle part of the machine.

MasterBAR system is a proposal of a complete and efficient utilization of even a small bar area.

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 Date: 2013-04-02
 Category: News