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We present the latest comprehensive offer of modern FRESH refrigerated, heated and neutral buffets. Our new product is a response to the expectations and needs of the contemporary market.

Innovative solutions used in FRESH buffets provide an attractive presentation of dishes and guarantee their freshness and taste for longer. In addition to the steam vapor used in refrigerated buffets, cascading shelving also enables a high level of presentation that adequately exposes the products and facilitates access for customers.

The buffet can be incorporated into any interior, thanks to a wide array of finishing materials with rich colors. It is up to you whether the buffet is made of wood, steel, stone, conglomerate or Corian®.

The FRESH buffet line is also distinguished by its high level of functionality, energy efficiency, easiness to maintain clean and safety.

FRESH buffets have been awarded the Gold Medal of the Poznań International Fair 2017.

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 Date: 2017-09-20
 Category: News